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Frequently Asked Questions

Placing an Order

I'm interested in renting from She Rents Vintage, how should I proceed?

Click to fill out our Rental Inquiry Form, share your info and let's get started! We need to know the date of your event, the location, and what you are interested in renting. 

Once we review your info, we will create a proposal for you. Everything is rented on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you would like to reserve your items, you pay 50% non-refundable deposit to book the items. You can sign our contract and pay online via our processing system.

Can I see the rentals in person?

Yes! We do warehouse visits by appointment only. We have appointments for warehouse visits on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Can I change my order once it's been reserved?

You can adjust and change your order pending availability up until 30 days before your event. We will also adjust your headcount on items such as plates, flatware and glassware once you receive your RSVPs.

I like some things but I'm not sure how it all goes together.

We are happy to help pick out items that will go with your event and within your budget. For more in-depth styling and design services, please check out our Event Design Packages.

If you do not need design help for your event, simply send us a Wishlist of rentals you are looking for and we will get you a quote! 

Do you have an order minimum?

Yes, we do. For 2022, We have a $1200 order minimum to qualify for delivery to local venues, within 30 miles of our warehouse at 639 Hartlot Rd Elbridge, NY 13060.

Long-distance deliveries, beyond 30 miles from our warehouse, are subject to an order minimum of $1500.

Our 2023 order minimums are $1200 for local delivery, $1500 for long-distance delivery.


We no longer allow for self pickup of orders.

Delivery & Will-Call

What is your delivery radius? What is the fee for delivery?

We deliver within an hour's drive of Skaneateles, NY. We may consider further deliveries with a higher delivery minimum and depending on the distance, overnight accommodations for our staff. 

Delivery fees are based upon two round trips from our warehouse to your venue, the size of your rental order, and the number of staff members required to complete your order.

Can I pick items up myself?

No, unfortunately we no longer offer self pickup of orders.

When will you deliver and retrieve my order?

We will coordinate with you ahead of time to set up your delivery and retrieval time frame. We provide a 4-hour window within which we will arrive with your order. Delivery does not include the styling of the rentals. Delivery does include assembly of rentals if required. We cannot transport personal items from our warehouse to your venue for liability and physical space, we would hate for something to be damaged in transit!

Late-night retrievals are only available at venues within Skaneateles and are subject to a $200 late-night charge. We cannot accommodate late-night retrievals outside of Skaneateles. 

When we arrive to retrieve the rentals, all rental items need to be organized as they were upon arrival, the SRV team is not responsible for repacking and organizing items. Our styling service includes re-packing of our decor items, if you think you need this service please let us know ahead of time to avoid additional fees after your event.

Caring For Our Rentals

Do I have to wash the tabletop rentals?

All Flatware and Plates must be rinsed after use and before repacking in the provided She Rents Vintage storage crate.

Please be sure to share our care requirements with your caterer or venue team.  If your venue/caterer cannot rinse our plates and flatware it's best that you choose a different vendor to avoid fees and damage to our items. Our flatware in particular is delicate and acidic foods will damage the finish.

We charge a refundable cleaning deposit of $.25 on each tabletop rental. If the rentals come back rinsed, we will refund your deposit. 

Can our Rentals stay outside overnight?

Our rentals cannot be left outside overnight. They must be either brought inside or covered by a tent with sidewalls to prevent morning dew or rain from blowing in. If our rentals are damaged from rain, you will be asked to pay up to 5x the rental cost to fix or replace it. 


Will you setup and style my rentals?

Yes!  We love having the chance to setup our rentals and put the final touches on your event. Our set up/styling service fee is equal to 30-50% of your total in rentals. 

We can even set up and style your personal items! We do not offer setup and services of other vendors inventory. (Except folding napkins!) Read more about this service here.

Sorry, we do not offer pack-up services for late-night pickups.

What costs are there in addition to the rental price?

All invoices are subject to an 8% damage waiver and cleaning fee. The damage fee is not refundable. This charge relieves guests of the cost for unintentional and accidental damage to the rental property. If an item is damaged beyond repair the client is responsible for the replacement cost of 5 times the rental price. 

All orders are subject to NYS Sales Tax

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