Katie Peck, Owner

I've always loved antiques and vintage items, from china to lamps to accessories, clothes, artwork, mirrors. So when I was married at the Mandana Barn naturally I used vintage china! My Dad built a doorway for the aisle with vintage doors. We did nearly everything ourselves. It was a lot of fun and a lot of work! After our wedding, I knew I wanted to start a Vintage rentals company but it took me a few years to get things together. 


We were living in Colorado where I worked as a Corporate Recruiter.  I started collecting vintage items on the side but soon we found out we were expecting our first child so I put the business idea on hold. With baby #2 on the way very soon after #1 was born (!!!), we decided to return to my hometown of Skaneateles to raise our family.  Once we got settled I started collecting again and before I knew it, I had a business!  

We now live and enjoy life in the village of Skaneateles and are so thankful for the lovely community around us. The Fingerlakes is a beautiful region to live in and explore!

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Serving CNY, Skaneateles, the Greater syracuse area and the Fingerlakes